Saw someone wearing sweat pants with heeled boots…help

Tuesday, September 23rd
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Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear
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my golden rules

1) Be kind. I think kindness is important and goes a long way. You will sometimes have to make tough decisions but never lose kindness and remember to smile with your eyes. 

2) Things come of things, so if you do things, things happen. If you drop a pebble in a puddle of water you get ripples. If you throw energy at things, you get energy back.

3) As you leave the office at ight, fire yourself mentally and come back the next day as your succesor.

4) If in doubt, wash your hair. It always makes you feel better.

5) If you get a creative block, remember that if you have a mind that spits out creative ideas, it will again. Just relax and it will come.

6) Feed your Brain. It is amazing how those ideas bank and come to fruition at some point much later.

7) Drink wine. It helps.

8) Often fear is the same emotion as excitement. Being scared is usually a good thing. It means you are breaking new ground. Fortune favors the brave.

9) Oscar Wilde’s quote, ”Be yourself; everyone else is already taken, ” has become my new brand mantra. Althought, I think the word ”brand” should be replaced by the word ”behavior”. 

10) ”If you are happy, your kids will be happy.” This is the only piece of advice I have ever recieved from my mother-in-law and one that I think is valid and is therefore a responsibility.

- Tanya Ling 

Tuesday, September 23rd

Bentornata Christy, Christy Turlington, Vogue Italia, 1989 by Steven Meisel
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Backstage at Iceberg Fall Winter 2014 
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This picture scares me with how true it is. ~re-c0veryy
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